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Equal partners Joe and Travis bring their individually diverse and complimentary skills together to keep Catalyst at the leading edge of building. Joe is most noted for his exceptional mastery of fine carpentry and finishes combined with his business savvy, gift for numeric recall, and patience. Travis focuses his attention on design and building science while bringing a broad knowledge and dynamic effort to each of the building trades.


Catalyst Construction was formed to provide construction services to clients seeking exceptional craftsmanship and innovative approaches to solving design and building issues. With experience in remodeling and new home building, Catalyst is able to work with homeowners, architects, and designers to achieve the goals of any client.

It is always our desire to provide exceptional value on every project. “Value” is not a term synonymous with “lowest bid”, but instead refers to the relationship between the quality of the job and the cost at which it was delivered. We have uncompromising standards of craftsmanship and do not cut corners.  Instead we seek cost saving solutions by utilizing design creativity, installing durable products, and eliminating wasteful half-measures from shortsighted plans. We also rely on our knowledge of the trades to minimize delays thereby maximizing efficiency and keeping duration as short as possible. This efficiency allows us to offer a superior finish while retaining competitive pricing.

Based on a business model where traditional advertising isn’t necessary because the leads come in by way of client recommendation, Catalyst Construction hopes to make every project a sort of permanent business card. We strive to perform quality work with attention to every detail while working within the restrictions of each client’s budget.


While all parts of the construction process are important, Catalyst places an extremely high value on client meetings. As valuable as any prints or specifications, they are without question the best opportunity to learn how to meet the goals of any project. Listening to the client as they explain their project is obvious, but the surrounding topics are where you find the clues to the unspoken goals. While discussing their favorite restaurants or vacation destinations the information about how best to customize the plan to suit the client is being subtly conveyed. This approach has allowed Catalyst the opportunity to perform design services on many of our projects.

After meeting with a client we work diligently to assemble a complete proposal reflecting the entire scope of work and the order in which we intend to pursue it.  For Catalyst, a complete proposal means listing all anticipated permits, drawings, tasks, material types, and the fees associated with them to do the entire job.  This enables our clients to confirm that we are going to help them realize their vision of the project as well as allowing “apples to apples” comparisons to bids from another contractor.

Catalyst has always been driven by a strong commitment to to the environment. Remodeling and new construction projects are almost inherently a stress on our planet due to the removal and disposal of material as well as the energy and resources consumed to create or replace them. Therefore, we focus on recycling as much of the materials involved as possible through Habitat for Humanity’s “Restore” donations as well as culling the cardboard and plastic packaging from finished fixtures for deposit at local recycling centers. We always recommend sustainable materials and responsible vendors to our clients and routinely utilize green products in our builds.


joe-cook-catalyst-constructionJoe Cook began his work in the building trades over a decade ago. He began by mastering the application of fine finishes on custom trims, cabinets, floors and walls. Having run a successful painting business he continued to expand his building vocabulary to include all crafts including framing, trim, electrical and tile work while remodeling some of the more luxurious homes in the Mission Hills and Country Club Plaza neighborhoods. His work has been seen in Architectural Digest and on the Parade of Homes tour of Kansas City. Joe has honed his skills in business over a career of working face to face with clients, architects, and subcontractors to achieve fantastic results. Prior to founding Catalyst, he most recently brought his attention to detail to numerous residential communities of south Johnson County as a Project Manager for Tom French Construction.




Travis-Brungardt-Catalyst-ConstructionTravis Brungardt brings his tireless work ethic and passion for problem solving through design to every project he undertakes. Having begun his remodeling career working with Faltermeier Construction in Shawnee, KS he was fortunate to learn each of the building trades as they rarely subcontracted work. After growing accustomed to having his hands on every phase of the job, Travis continues to bring this level of commitment to each project. He takes great pleasure in all aspects of construction and is at his best at both designing and building custom cabinetry or redesigning an interior layout. Prior to forming Catalyst he spent four years as a Project Manager for Tom French Construction where he built more than 30 townhomes and 20 patio homes.






cody-nichols-catalyst-constructionCody Nichols started working with Catalyst Construction several years ago on an HVAC install. Since then, he’s been an integral part of of our construction team.








james-bagby-catalyst-constructionJames Bagby came to work with Catalyst Construction after many years in the construction industry. He recently owned a kitchen customization / appliance installation business and prior to that, worked with Cody on a small remodeling crew. James also has many years of experience spraying finishes, installing countertops, and building custom cabinets.

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