Catalyst Construction


You Won’t Find Better Craftsmanship

Terry and Nancy

I approached Catalyst Construction because I heard great things about their work and their customer service. Catalyst installed new windows in my existing home. The result was great. Travis, Joe and crew took the time to communicate with us, they were timely and did great work…. completed professionally and with the genuine care for our property. I really liked how they informed us of the plan and executed it with perfection. I found the experience easy. They did what they said and they treated us and our home with the upmost care. I would recommend Catalyst to anyone needing any work at their home or business. You can’t find a better group of people and you won’t find better craftsmanship.

Willing to Stand By Their Work

Katie and Brad

I hired Catalyst Construction on the recommendation of a previous client and friend because he though we would be a good match. Catalyst really helped us by guiding us through construction and helping us make critical decisions. One thing I really liked was their willingness to stand by their work. We had a good experience and I would recommend them to anyone looking for good, honest, hard working contractors that care about their work.


They Have Customers For Life in Us


I hired Catalyst Construction because they were recommended as professional and for the quality of their work. Catalyst installed a beam while removing a wall and completed a complete renovation of a half bathroom. The result was nothing short of phenomenal on both projects. We couldn’t be any happier with the result or the process. I really appreciated their communication. They always were prompt in answering questions and communicating any issues fully. I found this experience very gratifying and they have customers for life in us. I recommend Catalyst Construction because they are true professionals who care about their workmanship and for anyone who enjoys the process of improving one’s home, which at the end of the day should be fun and enjoyable.


Everything We Could Ever Dreamed Of

Chris and Marsha

We hired Catalyst because they did a wonderful job for my very particular in-laws. They added a wonderful master bath to our bedroom, and finished our basement for what I foolishly thought was going to be my man cave, but was quickly taken over by my teenage sons.  Not only did they execute the remodeling, they also helped us with design ideas. Our small house that we were quickly outgrowing now has everything we could have ever dreamed of. We really liked their conscientiousness.  They were absolutely respectful of our space and time.  They efforted to meet every deadline and budget and were very communicative throughout the process. The experience was awkwardly easy.  Not having any major remodeling done before, I was anticipating a season of strife.  Instead, we couldn’t have had a more pleasant experience. I would recommend Catalyst Construction to people who need remodeling, Basement finishing, bath and kitchens.


Good Product At A Competitive Price

Steve and Yvette

We wanted to remodel our home, and Catalyst Construction was recommended by a friend in the construction business. Catalyst Construction helped me by delivering work as promised at a competitive price. Hiring them was worth it. I really liked their communication and the experience was positive. Travis and Joe made recommendations to help get us the result we wanted, and it was fun to come home to see what progress had been made that day. I would recommend Catalyst Construction to people who need someone with experience in remodeling that can deliver a good end product at a competitive price.


Spectacular Results

Duncan and Ruth

I hired Catalyst Construction on a word of mouth referral to help us add on an addition to our current home. The results were spectacular, exactly what we hoped for. One thing I liked was their attention to detail, thoroughness, and communication.   The experience was as pleasant as could possibly be expected. I would recommend Catalyst Construction to people who need any sort of home project from one room remodel to whole home construction.


Catalyst Gives You What YOU Need

Doug and Cara

We were in a position to install a custom home bar that we had been thinking about for a long time. There were a lot of unique elements we wanted to include in this bar, so we couldn’t go with just any general contractor or cabinet maker.  We needed someone who had demonstrated their proficiency in completing work that was truly custom to the customer need.

Catalyst really helped us by creating a custom plan for us based on our rudimentary sketches, devised clever solutions for our more unique elements, and were willing to work with us on the scope of the project to help get us a price we were comfortable with.  The result exceeded beyond expectation. The bar Travis and Joe designed and built for us is one of the most impressive aspects of our home.

One thing I liked was their ingenuity.  Part of the customization of our bar was lighting- we had a desire for a lighting element to go through the bar top and flank the glass shelving at the back.  The practical and elegant solution they devised for the lighting was truly ingenious, simple, and adds so much to the overall effect.

The experience was simple and convenient.  Travis and Joe kept us up to speed on progress, shared with us any issues they encountered proactively, and left the worksite and surrounding areas cleaner than when they began.

I would recommend Catalyst Construction to anyone who needs home solutions that are unique and reflect who they are.  Joe and Travis take the time to discuss the need with a client before pen hits paper.  Many contractors don’t take that time, and you simply wind up with the exact same stuff as the people next door- Catalyst gives you what YOU need.


Best Outcome to Date

Lynn and Brian

I hired Catalyst Construction because we were doing a whole home remodel and we heard about them from our architect, Katie Trenkle. They helped us by remodeling our Old Leawood ranch. They remodeled the existing 1800 sq ft, added on an upstairs, and a dining room off the back. They also finished the basement.

The project was done in a very compressed time frame and still the quality is beautiful. They managed to have their subs work weekends to hit a hard target date for our needs. Their part of the budget was right on, maybe less than quoted. This is our fourth home to extensively remodel and this has been the best outcome to date.

This was our first time hiring Catalyst. The one thing we most appreciated about Catalyst was their upfront and honest approach. There are always problems with this large of remodel, but how they handle them makes you hire or not hire your contractor again. Every time there was a concern, both Travis and Joe were quick to address it, more than fair in their resolution, and always putting their client first. We have worked with several contractors over the years and have many friends who are in the business. This time we chose not to hire someone we knew previously. We interviewed 5 firms, all of which we had never met. Hiring someone to complete this big of remodel without knowing them, can be a huge risk. In the end, it was so worth it.

Although all of our remodels have turned out beautifully, this one stands out above the rest because of how easy it has been to work with Travis and Joe. We have, and will continue to, recommend Catalyst Construction to anyone who wants to work with quality people, who commit to doing the best by their clients.



We hired Catalyst because we wanted to remodel our master bath. Catalyst Construction really helped us by thinking outside the box to find a solution to our space restrictions in our master bath. Their help resulted in a fantastically configured master bathroom that maximized space and great storage option. I really appreciated their quality workmanship and the speed with which they worked. I found the experience to be exceptional! I would recommend Catalyst to anyone wanting affordable, quality workmanship for any home remodeling or construction projects.


Just Like I Hoped For


I hired Catalyst Construction on a recommendation of a friend. Our plans were to remodel our kitchen and add a half bath. The result was great! Just like I hoped for.  I really liked their open communication. They quickly responded to emails, texts, or phone calls. This was a fun and exciting – and this is coming from someone who went without a sink for 10 weeks! I would recommend Catalyst Construction to anyone looking for someone who will listen, work with you to find the best solution, and execute perfectly.